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The Indian government and international funding agencies has been to provide health care to rural communities through PHCs, but they don’t have the special facilities and equipment to give the best service for non affordable patient even simple lab test etc. There are so many kind of disease in community due to poor health and hygiene and skin disease is one of them. Skin disorders vary greatly in symptoms and severity. They can be temporary or permanent, and may be painless or painful. Some have situational causes, while others may be genetic. Some skin conditions are minor, and others can be life-threatening. The cause of these disorders isn’t always known. Many permanent skin disorders have effective treatments that enable extended periods of remission. However, they’re incurable, and symptoms can reappear at any time. In most cases, doctors can treat skin disorders with topical creams, medicated lotions, or condition-specific drugs and those applications only suppressed the disease.

We have incorporated this reality into our planning from the start as described in this proposal. Our plan, therefore, is to increase the effectiveness of doctors who are willing to work with us in rural areas by a large factor. This can be accomplished by reducing the need for doctors in the initial screening of patients, and by allocating one physician for every two SCCs. Simultaneously; we plan to make working at SCCs more attractive and satisfying.

We envisage SCCs functioning as the first level in a system of health care facilities. At this primary level, SCCs will play two equally important roles:

First, diagnosis of diseases based on symptoms and simple laboratory tests, and their treatment either at the centers or through referral.

Second, to provide health education emphasizing hygiene, sanitation, and prevention of non communicable & communicable diseases.

One SCCs covering more than 50,000 people in the project area. 10 SCCs will cover more than 5 lacks people. Under Corporate Social Responsibility, We wish the corporate houses to take interest to run SCCs. The goal is to build the “infrastructure” at these SCCs, make them functional and enhance their capability. The SIMPATHY will coordinate and manage this proposed project.


The objective is to improve and enhance the services offered by Skin Care Centers (SCCs) in the rural communities of South Delhi. We would apply homoeopathy medicine that take advantage of cure to mankind from skin disorder like Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Acne, Eczema, Hives, Moles, Dermatitis, Impetigo, lupus, Melasma, and Warts. Our strategy is to cure that kind of skin disorder which is incurable in modern medicine but curable in Homoeopathy.

Our motto is to provide homoeopathy medicine intervention, deliver expert health care, and minimize the medical expenses of the sufferer and an equally important role of SCCs is to provide health education emphasizing hygiene, sanitation, and prevention of non communicable & communicable diseases.

A final step in this process will happen through physician consultation and examination, and prescribe homoeopathy medicine to the patient.


Badarpur 095 S 69273 20577
Molarband 096 S 68088 8465
Abul fazal enclave 102 S 61361 1151
Zakir nagar 100 S 64322 3132
Tekhand 093 S 63172 8944
Harkesh nagar 092 S 65868 16071
Govind puri 091 S 62906 9795
Sri niwas puri 089 S 68044 8172
Sangam vihar-C 083 S 55464 5879
Sangam vihar-E 085 S 61189 7738


1. Building: The first step is to search the rented building to run the SCCs. We anticipate each SCCs to consist of an initial screening room with a computer, an examination room for the doctor, a laboratory for medical tests and supplies, and toilets. The building will be approachable, comfortable, and durable. The building must have the facility of electricity and power backup for uninterrupted electric power for computers and laboratory equipment.

2. Staff: Each SCCs will have a full time staff consisting of a Registration of Patients and initial screening, a trained nurse or physician assistant, and a laboratory technician. We anticipate that a qualified medical doctor will be holding the position for 2 SCCs in a given area.

3. Furniture: proper required furniture providing for each SCCs, Staff and Patients.

4. Medicine: Each SCCs will have a proper space for full time service of Free Pharmacy from 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm (Mon -Sat)

5. Equipments: Needed equipments must be available.

6. Information Materials: Patients visiting SCCs will also be provided health education by the staff through posters and through audiovisual demonstrations. Providing information and help with Health and Hygiene, and awareness on Non communicable diseases & communicable diseases, will be a key role of the staff.

7. Medical Health Camp: we will provide medical health camp under Community programs for which we shall form collaborations with social workers will supplement these activities.

8. Data Keeping: We plan to connect each SCCs computer and internet and the central facility will then be able to collect and update the data of health problems from all SCCs within its jurisdiction. In addition to simplifying the uploading/downloading of data on the central computer, this enhancement will allow on-line access to specialists via e-mail, further reducing patient's travel time and cost and the load on urban health care facilities.

9. As a final step, we anticipate enhancing the diagnostic capability of SCCs through consultations the patient, we anticipate that the intervention of homoeopathy for Skin disorder.


Rural India faces many very serious problems. Notable amongst them are potable water, emerging pandemics, population control, good hygiene and sanitation practices. One cannot expect to upgrade the people’s health without simultaneously making an impact on these issues, and vice versa. We will, therefore, train and empower the staff at the SCCs to spread awareness on some of these issues, build trust within the community, and to take a holistic approach to health care. Using the telephone link to the central facility, relevant training and educational material and specific health instructions will be periodically transmitted to the computers at all SCCs and the status of various educational programs will be monitored.


For the SCCs to be effective, people have to believe that the SCCs are there to serve them and to provide value. To facilitate this we plan to involve the local population in the operation and in the community outreach programs. We also plan to encourage health activities, medical camps, and health education through the SCCs. The monitoring role of The SIMPATHY will be to evaluate the performance of SCCs and to provide guidance. Evaluation will be based on one simple criterion — whether the SCCs have significantly improved the health and well being of the community.


Name of the Organization : Society of Indian Medicine promoting Ayurvedic Treatment Homoeopathy & Yoga, (SIMPATHY)
Registered office Address : C-79/6,Om Nagar, Badarpur, New Delhi-44
E-Mail :
Web site :
Contact Person : Dr. R.Kant
Legal Status : Indian Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860
Registration No. : S/65748/2009
Date of the Registration : 26TH May 2009
Pan No. : AAFAS5391A
12A : DEL- SR26 718-22122017
DEL- SR26 718-22122017 : +91-9911009198


1. Ngo partnership System of Planning Commission of India- U.Id-DL/2017/0174129
2. Having the registration under Income Tax Act 10 A or 12 A section 80G.


1. Name of the Bank : Punjab National Bank
2. Branch : Badarpur; New Delhi
3. Bank Account Number : 3976002100006387,
4. Type of Account : Current Account
5. IFSC Code : Current Account


• From Fee of Students
• From Individual Donations
• Local contribution.



1. To create awareness about health and Hygiene in community.
2. To prevents and control Non communicable disease through awareness.
3. To improve life style of common individual through awareness.
4. To improve the quality of paramedics through CME Programme.
5. To promote the public health through intervention of AYUSH system.
6. To educate and empower the Indian youth career and provide jobs through AYUSH system.
7. To establish charitable dispensaries/ charitable diagnostic center/ charitable eye care center.
8. To prevent and control Chikengunia / Dengue / Swine flu through treatment
9. To prevent and control Thyroid Disorder through “Thyroid free India Mission”.


SIMPATHY is a compact name of Society of Indian medicine promoting Ayurvedic treatment, Homoeopathy and yoga. The organization is directed and leaded by Dr R.Kant and Dr Seema Tiwari and they are committed to promote AYUSH system of medicine worldwide. SIMPATHY is existed and incorporated with registration of Delhi Govt. in 2009 at New Delhi.

In 2009 SIMPATHY established a Homoeopathic Charitable Dispensary in Om Nagar Badarpur, New Delhi to provide the free consultation and medicine, to serve the poor, ailing community.

In 2010 SIMPATHY established a Charitable Diagnostic Center with association of Thyrocare, Mumbai in Om Nagar, Badarpur, and New Delhi to provide the all kinds of Blood Test to serve the poor, ailing community. Since establishment we are organizing blood test camp regularly for the patient of Diabetes, Thyroid, and Vitamin D.

In 2011 SIMPATHY established one more Homoeopathic Charitable Dispensary in Ekata vihar, Badarpur, New Delhi to provide the free consultation and medicine to serve the poor, ailing community.

In 2012 SIMPATHY established a Homoeopathic Pharmacy College with affiliation from National Institute of open schooling (Ministry of HRD. Govt. of India) and started one year Certificate of Homoeopathic Dispensing course in Badarpur New Delhi. The purpose was to educate the people in quality manner and produce a qualified dispenser. The homoeopathic professionals facing the lack of qualified dispenser from many years, but now a days the professionals are not having the problem of qualified dispensers and 10th pass boys/girls are also getting the job in homoeopathy sector.

In 2013 SIMPATHY established a Charitable Eye care center in Badarpur, New Delhi to provide free consultation for eye care patient as well as free spectacles and medicine to serve the poor, ailing community. In the period of 2013 to 2016 approx 60 patients are operated for cataract problem and all expenses of surgery bore by simpathy.

In 2014 SIMPATHY started Foundation / First Aid course in homoeopathy to educate homoeopathy to common people of Delhi. The common people facing disorder in daily routine like common cough, cold, headache, sprain, vomiting, indigestion, constipation etc. The knowledge of first Aid is most beneficial weapons for the public. In this project we educate 380 schools teachers in Sarita Vihar Tehsil. They are very much aware about common problems and homoeopathic medicine.

In 2015 SIMPATHY started work for Non communicable disease that was a campaign for “THYROID FREE INDIA MISSION”. It was a project for two years and we cover maximum area of Sarita Vihar Tehsil. Our mobilisers visited door to door and traced the patient and registered them for thyroid profile test,so we could traced the patient. We were organizing the awareness programme and Homoeopathic treatment for those patients. SIMPATHY found that most of the females are affected from disorder due to lack of knowledge about health and hygine.

In 2016 SIMPATHY started two years Diploma of Homoeopathic Pharmacy course. The purpose was to educate the people in quality manner and produce a qualified Homoeopathic Pharmacist. The Homoeopathic Dispensaries / Hospitals / Industries were facing the problems from many years; SIMPATHY takes initiatives and started that course after notification of Govt. of Delhi. SIMPATHY INSTITUTE OF HOMOEOPATHIC PHARMACY COLLEGE is recognized with Govt.of Delhi and affiliated with Board of Homoeopathic System of Medicine (Govt. of Delhi).

In 2017 SIMPATHY started eighteen months Post graduate Diploma in Homoeopathic Production course. The purpose was to educate the homoeopathic professionals and ambition’s to improve the quality of production of homoeopathy in India. The Homoeopathic Industries are facing the problems from many years due to scarcity of qualified homoeopaths in production of homoeopathic product. To full fill the gap of homoeopathic professionals and production Industries this course is a Sanjivani for homoeopathic industries.


01 Seema Tiwari President
02 Punit Narayan Vice President
03 Dr.R.Kant G. Secretary
04 Seema Tiwari Treasurer
05 Akhtar Hussain Ansari Member
06 Vidya Bhaskar Member
07 Aarti Mishra Member

EXPERIENCE OF WORK      : Since 2009


• Homoeopathic Charitable Dispensary : 02
• Charitable Diagnostic Center : 01
• Charitable Eye care center : 01
• Homoeopathic Pharmacy College : 01
• Homoeopathic Pharmacy College : 01


The following 3 types of costs are associated with the project:
1. Development Cost: The SIMPATHY has already invested in the design, development, and enhancement of OPDs Project. Further development/enhancement costs are also likely to be substantial. We are not including these development costs in our estimates and in the funding request.
2. Pre-operating costs per PHC:

Items Amount
• Computers and Printers Rs. 50,000/-
• Lab for urine, blood and stool tests Rs. 50,000/-
• Medical Supplies, Stationery, etc Rs. 50,000/-
• Furniture and fixtures Rs. 50,000/-
TOTAL Rs.2,00000/-(Rupees Two Lakh only)

3. Operating Costs per annum per PHC:

Project Coordinator (Physician. ) Rs. 10,000x12 = 1,20,000/-
Paramedic/Computer Operator Rs. 8000 x 12 = 96,000/-
Nurse/medical assistant Rs. 8000 x12 = 96,000/-
Lab Technician Rs. 8000 x12 = 96,000/-
Office boy Rs. 5000 x 12 = 60,000/-
Other Rs. 1500 x 12 = 18,000/-
Total operating cost per annum Rs.4,86000/-Annum

The project proposal is for three years financial support. The total cost for three years is
a) Pre-operating costs per SCCs : Rs.2,00000/-
b) Operating Costs per annum per SCCs : Rs.4,86000/-Annum

The cost to run one SCCs for three years is pre-operating costs is Rs.2,00000/- and Operating Costs per annum per SCCs is Rs.4,86000/-Annum (Rs.14,58000 for 3 years).The total cost for the project will be 16,58000/- (Sixteen Lacks Fifty Eight Thousand only)

Thanking you and hopping for good contribution to the society for betterment of healthy, Hygiene and Life.

Thanks and Regards.